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I wish I was as quick and articulate as this guy (Jesse LaGreca). He is able to nail a lot of todays concerns without getting bogged down into everyday mud slinging.  Note: I'm not trying to indicate that Jesse is a spokesperson for the occupy movement... he is just one of the more articulate members.

Occupy Wall St. vs Fox News with Jesse LaGreca. [6:05] Jesse LaGreca: Occupy Wall Street Movement [3:01] Jesse LaGreca in Zuccotti Park - Occupy Wall Street [8:50]

What is the Occupy Movement... Several Points of View

Occupy Wall Street - Charlie Rose: Amy Goodman and Chris Hedges (10/26/11) [24:34] Chris Hedges speaking at Occupy Wall Street_ Radical movements keep this country honest! (10/26/11) [14:39]

Some Alternative Media Points of View

I just found these Occupy Wall Street clips from October, but I think they are just as relevant today as 2 months ago.

TYT: Bank of America Dangerous Derivatives Deal (10/20/11) [3:17] TYT: Banks 'Livid' at Occupy Wall Street support by Democrats (10/20/11) [7:37] Current|Keith Olbermann: Occupy Wall Street Demands [4:00]

Is the Occupy Movement Having an Affect?

TYT: Leaked: Republicans Scared of Occupy Wall Street (12/02/11) [8:43]

Get Money Out of Politics

Overturning Citizen United

Links - Occupy Movements:

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  4. Occupy Boise
  5. Occupy Chicago
  6. Occupy Forth Worth
  7. Occupy Hartford
  8. Occupy Oakland
  9. Occupy Omaha
  10. Occupy Orlando
  11. Occupy Los Angeles
  12. Occupy Providence
  13. Occupy Richmond
  14. Occupy San Diego
  15. Occupy San Francisco
  16. Occupy Sacramento
  17. Occupy Seattle
  18. Occupy Toronto
  19. Occupy Washington D.C.
  20. Occupy Worcester



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